About Us

What is Ayurveda ?
India's contribution to mankind in its quest towards human longevity and well being - has been developed through millennia of medical practice and theory by several generations of physician-saints and practitioners.

Why Global Ayurved?
Worldwide there are many health concerns, diseases, illness which cannot be cured by allopathic treatment, in fact the irrelevant line of treatment usually demoralise patient, cause frustration and can lead to crucial time and monetary loss.

Global Ayurved is an idea to promote, create awareness and spread knowledge about ayurveda across India and worldwide. It’s been designed to bring ayurvedic doctors and patients on the same platform to help patients know where to go and whom to consult for their health concerns if can be cured by ayurveda . Patients from any part of the world can freely put questions about their health problems on this web forum, check various options available for possible ayurvedic cures and best opinion from established ayurvedic doctors worldwide which in turn will provide comfort for patients and an ease to reach the concerned doctor.
Many events like Garbha-sanskar, suvarna prashan sanskar and other established ayurvedic therapies organised by different ayurvedic doctors worldwide will be published on our website to help patient get information about ongoing events in areas easily accessible and reachable for them.